Monday, 2 May 2016

Day 10 POEM: When The Beeping Stopped

When The Beeping Stopped
Janel J. Tutak, June 26, 2007

She remembers the rain;
    not the warm summer rain they’d been having all week
this rain was cold.
    It came down and stung with cold,
made her clothes stick to her skin.

She remembers the walk;
    there was no car for her drive
because he had it.
    It rained the whole way,
people drove past her and thought something was wrong with her,
    there was.

She remembers the phone call;
    it rang five times before she got it
she almost missed it.
    She didn’t recognize the voice on the other end
but it was for her.

She remembers the words;
    work            accident
          crash                 hurt
       injuries                      pain

She remembers the room;
    cords and tubes,
bandages and bruises
    a machine beeping...

She remembers the kiss;
    long and soft
she had butterflies in her stomach
    just like she always did.

She remembers the tears;
    cold and steady
her vision was blurred
    and she held his hand.

She remembers the love;
    for it’s all she has left
when the beeping stopped
    a part of her died too.


This poem was a bad dream I had. Dreams can turn into some of the best ideas for our work. I always keep a notebook beside my bed for this reason. One of my greatest fears is losing the people I love, I mean, most people have this fear right? And although I am fortunate enough that this isn't something I have experienced, when I woke up from that dream everything was so real. I held those emotions in the fog and wrote it down. I hope all of you and your are safe this day and every day.

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