Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Day 18 POEM: Bliss

Janel J. Tutak, July 20, 2013

Oh how I must paint
the image of perfection before me

I watch the sweet slumber,
the whisper of her breathing,
the scent of soft skin and dreams

She stirs ever so slightly 
and I hold my breath 
so as not to disturb her
Time stands still

Oh how I could watch
the tiny angel that is

my daughter


Keeping with my theme yesterday of a poem written for my children, here is another one. This is a repost, I posted this the day I wrote it but I really liked it so you get it again, or maybe you didn't read it the first time around.  Bella would have been just under a year then. The same poem could be written with "he" and "him" with "son" at the end, he just wasn't born yet. 
I also wanted to add a full disclosure that yesterday's post about how I spent my Mother's Day and what not is not meant to be judgmental. If you didn't have to cook dinner, if you didn't have your kids with you because you took the day off from entertaining or doing things for other people, if you spent the whole day seeing mothers and mother in laws, whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed it. The Mommy Wars has gotten crazy and people are meant to feel guilty for their choice of feeding, sleeping, diapering, the list goes on. Is your child safe? Fed? Clothed? That is all that matters. As one of my close friends says, "You Do You". I just wanted to clarify that. There is no wrong way to eat a Reeses, or spend a Mother's Day. 

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