Saturday, 14 May 2016

Day 22 POEM: Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I Forget
Janel J. Tutak, January 27, 2005

If just for a moment
I could share with you how I feel
Wrap my arms around you
And lose myself in your scent

Yesterday I laughed with you
Sharing a funny moment,
We shared more than that

Today smiles seem so perfect
And nothing can going wrong
Or can it?

Did I forget
That perhaps
You don’t feel the same
Perhaps it’s just a dream
A crazy dream of mine

Up and down I seem to go
You take me higher
And then my mind jumps in
And I sink down

Because maybe I forgot
That perhaps
You don’t feel the same
Perhaps it’s just a dream
A crazy dream of mine

If for just a moment
You could share with me how you feel
Wrap your arms around me
I’ll get lost in your scent

Yesterday you were
On the same page as me
Reading along beside one another

Today we closed the book
And now I’m asking
What was the ending?

Because maybe I forgot


As you can see, if you've been following along, teenage heartbreak was a big theme in my poetry. I came across this one and I just liked it. I'd like to say the later time post meant I slept in this morning, sadly that is not the case. I was just busy with the kids. Now they are watching the Land Before Time so I had a chance to do some writing. Speaking of which, I just wanted to give everyone a head's up. I belong to a mom group online and a few of us have been talking about writing. I am starting a writer's circle type of thing with them but I will also be posting it on here for anyone else interested in some fun creative activities. So many times now I have stories on the go and get stuck so I don't write because I can't get past it. But then because, that's what I am currently working on, I don't write. And it's harder to get back into it when you aren't doing it regularly. These exercises are going to help that. It's just a prompt to keep writing regularly on something other than what your current project is. But that's the best part about writing, you never know where something is going to take you. A silly exercise could turn into a bestseller. Starting Monday, I will be posting a weekly writing exersise. If you are interested, do the exercise, if you want to share what you write, please do.

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