Sunday, 1 May 2016

Post 9 POEM: Screwed Twice

Screwed Twice
Janel J. Tutak, circa March 22, 2005

I was vulnerable, and you were strong
You saw the ease, and took me on
Moved right in, and touched my soul
I was shy, you took control
Placed your lips on top of mine
It felt so sweet, I couldn’t decline
I felt your hands on my face
Then felt them move to a different place
Slide up my shirt, and undid my bra
You seemed pleased with what you saw
Your mouth found me, it was wet
I pulled away, afraid of regret
But you said your feelings were real
I must admit, it seemed surreal
You continued, once I gave in
Took off my pants, and touched within
You pushed me back, and got on top
It felt so good, didn’t want you to stop
Afterwards you kissed me goodbye
A smile on my face, I felt high
But you figured once was suffice
You went back to her and fucked me twice 


Ooops! Sorry about the language. But I came across this poem on my old site. Assumabley it was written in 2005. Ahh 19 year old Janel. Yup. There was bound to be an F-bomb at some point! Not entirely sure which loser inspired this poem but I really enjoyed the poem. Bam! Emotion. In your face. Excellent. Love it. Life is like that sometimes. It happens. World moves on. Glad I captured this before moving on myself.

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