Friday, 6 May 2016

Day 14 POEM: Over Midnight Tea

Over Midnight Tea
Janel J. Tutak, circa 2000

It's almost midnight
The moon is out
I'm all alone
Just the moon and I
My house is quiet
There is not a sound
But the clock striking midnight
Please come over and sit
Sit with me and chat
We'll have tea and cakes
Talk about our lives
Yours and mine
But I'm all alone
Just the moon and I
So I'll talk to my self
Discuss my life
Over midnight tea


I remember writing this one one night whilst drinking tea in my bedroom. I was in grade seven or eight and at that time I was considering making a book of my poetry. I remember after writing this one, thinking it would be a good title for a book. "Over Midnight Tea & Other Poems". I could picture the cover art, I still can. Funny the things that stick out in your mind.

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