Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Day 11 POEM: The Visitor In The Night

The Visitor In The Night
Janel J. Tutak, circa 2000 

I woke with a start in the middle of the night
I had a nightmare that gave me a fright
In my memory still fresh it was there
the dream, its pictures, that gave me a scare
I sat in the darkness, all alone with fear
I shivered and silently my eye dropped a tear
I cried in my room still sitting in my bed
not daring to move the dream still in my head
Then I heard a sound and froze stiff as a board
A voice started to speak, I was calmed by the Lord


My mum asked me the other day if I had any happy poems. Haha oh mum. I mean ya, there were a few in there but the majority of my poems were not. Anyways, she particularly requested this one. So here it is. This was written at a time when I was very active in my church and youth group. I do remember waking up and writing this one, the nightmare was real. Not much else to write about it. I feel like it is self explanatory. So there you have it mum, a happy poem.  

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